Our Vision

JPS wants to be the first in building a creative and
distinctive generation able to keep up with the challenges of the future.

JPS is built upon FIVE core
institutional values:

- Trust. The owners of JPS had trust in God that He will lead them to build an educational
institution that serves the students of their country.

They trusted the staff they have chosen to lead their institution. They gained the
trust of all stakeholders by being honest and teaching their

students the importance of trust and how it builds an enlightened future.

 Confidence  and loyalty. JPS gained the confidence and loyalty of its
stakeholders. This is shown throughout the growth of the school year.

after year. We are loyal in serving our country by trying to build a better educated generation.

-Creativity and Quality. JPS believes that quality leads to creativity. That’s
why we strive to secure a qualified staff, new teaching strategies,

modern technology, and a safe environment to raise
creative students

Our Message

 We are committed to offer educational services
that provide students with knowledge, skills, and Islamic values. We believe
this will lead our students to creativity
and academic distinction. All of this is done with the cooperation of an inspiring leadership and a professional staff